Step Up to the Plate with Rocky’s Workout

No, I’m not talking about Dwayne Johnson, for this exercise session, we are talking all about the legendary boxing film from the seventies. Rocky Balboa was a character that was part movie and part real life story of struggle for the writer of this film, Sylvester Stallone. Many casual fans are not aware that Stallone had written the tale for this movie, not just starring in it and creating a whole new career for himself, in the process. One of the most heartbreaking stories that I have heard that surrounded the beginnings of the Rocky film was that Stallone had to actually sell his own dog, to pay for finishing up the process of making this film. The story I just talked about does have a major feel good ending to it, as Stallone not only got his dog back but also became one of the biggest movie stars of all time, in the process! Just like most other men in the world, there is something about the Rocky movies that go a long way in really helping to get me motivated. It is near impossible to watch the story of an underdog, who came up from nothing, to become a legend without getting a fire lit under you.
I love the process that got Stallone to really get into his character for Rocky. If you are going to be a boxer, two things are likely to happen: you will face many different forms of competition and you are going to have your own trainer. Stallone is certainly a smart man and even, with all of his accumulated knowledge about bodybuilding, he knew that he could always use a second opinion. What the Rocky training program would consist of would be Stallone, doing his best to keep up with a world-renowned trainer, forcing his own competitive spirit to cause muscle growth, a great idea.

lift like rocky

I don’t know about you but when I am training in the company of another person, whether subconiously or not, I always try to lift the most that I can, likely at the expense of my own safety! What was the main focal point of the exercise that Rocky had to do, in order to look the part of a professional boxer, is that he had to look shredded. If you go back and watch some of the Rocky movies, you will see that Stallone isn’t bulky, with layers of fat, he looks like he is built from solid muscle. Stallone was in such perfect shape for the Rocky films, that he really does look like a boxer. From watching many different boxing matches, I can tell you that these athletes (with the exception of some heavyweights), you aren’t going to see much in the way of chunky boxers. Being that he had an extensive background in weightlifting and bodybuilding, Sylvester knew that what he ate would play a huge factor in the success of his overall training for Rocky. Not one to slouch on his diet, Stallone included a balanced blend of proteins, carbs, and other bodybuilding goodies that anyone who lifts should be using.

Yes, recent headlines may suggest that Stallone had a little extra help in attaining the physique that he has been known for, even almost into his seventies! Regardless of what you’ve read about Stallone, he is still capable of having a physique that people fifty years younger than him would be jealous of!

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