About This Website

Here at More Muscle, Less Problems, we have somewhat of a different outlook on life. There are so many people who only want to complain about their time spent in the gym, I love every minute I am there. I try my best not to be a whiner myself, I could attribute that to the knowledge of weight training that I’ve picked up, over the years. Either way, what I don’t want you to ever feel, when it comes to weightlifting, is confusion.

At this website, I want to mainly be a source of information for my readers. I love to spend my spare time, at least what little I have left, training myself. I primarily choose to lift weights but I have been known to sneak other methods into my own training. Speaking of various training methods, expect to never be at a loss for what exercises you know about, I will take care of that lack of knowledge for you!

If I could give you helpful hint about this website, it would be to definitely check back often!