Is it Better to Workout without Eating Before?

You’ve likely heard countless information about how bad it is to do anything on an empty stomach. However, new results are showing that not eating before you go lifting might be a good thing. I remember hearing about how I had to have some soft of snack before working out. Oftentimes, I would draw strange looks from my workout friends because I was the only one not eating before we lifted. I have always had issues with eating before taking on an activity. I’ve always avoided eating breakfast which I know I shouldn’t do. What is being found about not eating before working out is shocking but makes sense. Researchers have found that not eating before exercising actually helps the amount of fat that you lose.

When you are exercising, your body needs continuous fuel to keep going. I suppose that it makes sense that if your body has no fuel, it would start attacking fat cells. This study found that your metabolism gets a boost from not eating before you workout. I know that this new information sounds weird and will definitely take some time to get used to hearing. The results of this study were found by analyzing what happened to adipose tissue after exercise. The results clearly showed that more adipose tissue was burned off when participants did not have a pre-workout meal.

What the findings mainly were set out to find is if, after eating, the adipose tissue works on breaking down food instead of being beneficial to your exercises. Next, the participants were made to walk around for about an hour after consuming a breakfast high in calories. Blood was taken from the participants during this study in addition to fat samples. The results of this study are going to have a huge impact on the world of nutrition. Of course, you will want to consume something once you are done exercising. Many studies recommend chocolate milk as a great post workout drink. I suppose that I will still continue to not eat before a workout. However, if anyone out there is looking to exclusively gain muscle, they may still want to eat before working out.

It should be said that these results are great for those looking to lose a little extra weight. I don’t know about you but working out on a full stomach just feels weird to me. I am someone with somewhat of a sensitive stomach. When I am feeling nervous or excited, as I often do before entering the gym, eating is the last thing I want to do. I can’t believe it is true but, if this new study is anything to go off of, you do not want to eat before exercising. There are certain conditions where you will have to eat before working out. One comforting thing that this study shows is that fat is attacked more than muscle when exercising without food in your stomach. I was always worried hearing those horror stories from my friends about how not eating robs you of your muscle. I guess if you never ate of course you wouldn’t have muscle. I’m talking more about missing a lunch and fearing you were going to lose all of your muscle, how weird I used to be! I will be ready for my next workout without any food in my hand, thanks to the results of this study.