Not Breaking Your New Year’s Resolution

We are just a few days away from the clock striking midnight and creating our very own resolution. Unfortunately, many will make their vow to do what it takes to transform their life, only to find that they end up falling short. A large percentage of resolutions will never be met but that doesn’t mean that one of those unlucky people will be you. I wanted to guide you, as I have made these same resolutions in the past. I make mistakes like everyone else and there were some years I followed my resolutions but not before many years of breaking that same promise, most of the time within weeks. With that in mind, what were the differences that allowed me to stick with my plan? I truly believe that what a big part of helping me to complete my resolutions would be the people that I had surrounded myself with.

Now, I wouldn’t say that the people in my life were the sole reason that I was able to start finally sticking to some of my goals but they really did help push me through some bad days. If you have a person or two in your life who thinks that everything is lame or there is always a reason not to do something, consider having a talk with them. I never advise anyone to just cut ties with a person in their life, perhaps telling them about how negative they are being to you could help them to snap out of it. Sometimes, people don’t mean to intentionally make light of serious events in your life, they just don’t know how to act sometimes. I had known one of the rudest people at an old job and he became a very close friend of mine but why would I want to be so close to such a rude guy?

To help explain the confusion, it turns out that the guy I was talking about used his sense of humor to cope with feeling like the odd man out. Once I got to know this wisecracking guy, who everyone avoided, I found out that he was very sweet and caring. As for what kept me steadily ready to meet and exceed my goals was positive reinforcement.

If I could go through the first two weeks of sticking to my weightlifting, I would purchase myself a small gift. Let’s just say that, the first year I actually kept up with the resolution that I made, I had amassed quite a little video game collection, towards the end of the year. If there is a hobby that you have and you are meeting your goals, don’t be afraid to reward yourself, it can really help keep you on the right track. Furthermore, always having a clear picture of what enables you to change how you are living. 2017 is coming up extremely fast, so I hope that you have your resolution all planned out. Remember that it could take a few months before you start seeing your hard work pay off and that is common. Never accept slow progress as failure, each workout that you complete only brings you that much closer to the end result, which is a new you! With any luck, you will be preparing a new and improved resolution to roll into 2018!

Should Push Ups Be Done Anymore?

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Getting Ahead

Think back to your days when you were taking it easy and doing only pushups and sit ups, did you notice any major changes in your composition? There are those who say that you simply can not gain a noticeable amount of muscle through only doing the push up exercise. For those not in the know, a push up is when you start with your hands parallel to your sides, lying on your stomach. From there, you push up your body weight with your hands until your arms are fully extended. If done enough times, there is no doubt that pushups can certainly add muscle tissue. Would I say that weight training is quicker for a more rapid speed up? Absolutely. However, not everyone has the budget for fancy gym cards or an expensive and lavish home setup.

Pushups are going to work your chest and triceps muscles more than any other group. After completing sets of pushups, the next day you will notice that the backs of your arms are going to be sore. There is a way that you change up the dull original push up and it all comes down to where you place your arms. You see, the normal push up is done in a similar style to an upside down bench press, where your arms are extended out, almost into a V formation. If you want bigger arms and less chest muscle development, place your arms closer together while pushing up. Almost immediately, you should start feeling your arms begin to swell, letting you receive that glorious pumped feeling.

I don’t believe that pushups should be the sole exercise that someone completes but they should definitely be applied to a fitness program, of that I am sure. Even if you find that you only spend five minutes a week working on your pushup progression, you’re getting a good set of muscles worked by an exercise that has been done for ages. Also, you can really set out to explore all of the different pushup techniques there are, surprised by hearing that? I was certainly shocked that you can alter so many aspects of the exercise, such as height, speed, duration of the pushup.

Matching Faith and Weight Training: A Perfect Combo?

While this won’t be perfect for all ways of thinking, the Get Centered fitness program can really offer a new viewpoint on how you accomplish your training. Based outside of Texas, this program combines religious teachings with your exercise routine. I don’t judge anyone, based on their beliefs, so I can understand why this will only interest a certain portion of my readers. By talking about this gym, I’m not speaking to my personal beliefs, as I feel that should be a private matter and it will continue to stay so. After all, you come to this website to (hopefully) learn about new ways to lift weights, not who or what I believe in.

strength gains

With that aside, it is interesting that a program like the Get Centered is just now being announced, it is just a great idea that I would have thought someone else who have made this into something but I guess not! No matter what religion you could practice, I think that we can all agree that for people to have a place where they can go and believe what they want to is a nice thing to start or end your day with. For the certain person, I can see that having their faith, which is obviously going to be very important brought out, in a discussion format could be great. This gym offers the group members where they can find solidarity and peace, in a no judgment zone. I could see a gym having a place where the members can talk and share their experiences is such a great idea.

I always want to see people getting along and what better way to have that taken care of than to use their shared interests as a starting point for conversation? I do also have to admit that I like how their courses don’t just gear you up for success in your fitness program, they also have life teachings put in place to steer you through and give you more direction in life. I had sure wished that my gym had put some people in place to advise me of what I could in life. I understand that this second wish would be much harder to grant and not an aspect of life that we would all need, I used to run with a bad crowd.

While you may or may not agree with the values that are taught at Get Centered, I have to say that is really something I could see catching on very rapidly. When considering that the main purpose of Get Centered is based more around what you believe versus how much you can lift, you’ll likely see a wide array of people at the next Get Centered class, which is great! Somewhere in Texas, there is a group of people who are enriching their lives by being able to freely bring in their chosen beliefs and values with them, proudly and that must be an awesome feeling. With such a wide variety of people all around you, it is very easy to get some new viewpoints on what you might be struggling with in your life. You will never want to just settle on your own way of thinking to solve a problem, you’ll be amazed at how nice it is to share your struggles with others.