Are You Ready for August 26th?

If you have found yourself under a rock, you might be unaware that one of the most hyped fights is taking place in nine days. The two fighters are Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor. I’ve been more than excited about this fight. When I hear about a legendary fight like this one taking place, I had to see what the internet thought of this match up. What I found was a heated debate from fighters with fans all over the world. I love watching both boxing and MMA but I’m not a professional fight analyst. I’m still in shock that this fight is actually happening. What I wanted to talk about was what makes a legend and how to apply this to your own life. You might be wondering how did two fighters get to this point in their lives?

I will say that I’ve been an avid fan of Conor since his career began in MMA. What immediately struck me was that Conor knew how to sell himself and he worked hard, two important traits. If we look at the career of Mayweather, we will see these traits are important to him as well. Not many of us will fight for a large crowd under the lights in Las Vegas. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have your own fights that are happening right now and it’s time to win.

I tuned into Conan last night which I highly recommend everyone watches. In this episode, Conan interviewed Conor McGregor about his upcoming fight. What I saw in this latest interview was a very intelligent fighter that knew how to talk. I love that Conor is a callback to the days when legendary sports stars made predictions about their next game. What I learned from this cool interview on Conan was that McGregor was actually on welfare four years ago, talk about changing your life. Conor even named a boat he bought his dad the 188, based on the amount on Conor’s old welfare checks.

Working Hard and Believing in Yourself

You can change your life by applying the principles that Conor and Floyd have used to respectively change theirs. Once upon a time, Floyd Mayweather laced up his gloves for his first professional fight. Now, he is set to earn countless millions in this upcoming dream fight. Four years ago, Conor McGregor was barely getting by on welfare checks. After working hard and believing in himself, Conor is set to receive a big paycheck and possibly defeat the greatest boxer of all time, in my opinion.

Watch some of Mayweather’s combos and you will be amazed. This guy could hit me seven times before I even knew what was happening, what a talent. That isn’t to take anything away from Conor who has had his own set of accolades. Conor has defeated world class fighters in a matter of seconds. I feel that Conor is the most entertaining fighter to step into the octagon next to Brock Lesnar’s original run. Speaking of Brock, I hope that we can soon hear more news about a potential match up between him and Jon Jones, two other MMA fighters.

Overall, it takes work to get to the top. It’s important that, like these two legendary fighters, you know how to sell yourself and you work hard. There are few fighters who can compete at the level of intensity Mayweather and McGreger are able to maintain.

A Legal Alternative to Winstrol Review – What is It?

You may have heard of Winstrol otherwise known as Stanozolol. One reason that Winstrol become so popular is because it came in both oral and injectable forms. You may have heard of Winstrol in the news, namely during the late 1980s. It was during this time that a runner had found to be taking Winstrol.

There was a time where Winstrol was used more for medical purposes. The purpose of Winstrol in the medical field was made to help people retain muscle. There are diseases that can cause someone to lose muscle tissue. Winstrol was sometimes used to help burn victims recover skin and muscle tissue due to their injuries. It didn’t take long before people who lifted weights wanted to see how this steroid could affect their athletic performance. People who had used Winstrol noticed that it helped increase their testosterone. This steroid is known to help boost collagen synthesis in the body. People with lower levels of collagen often look aged.

winstrol container

What amazes me is that there is a safer versoin of Winstrol that I’ve read works quite well. It must be helping people gain muscle because I’ve recently seen more companies utilize their version of steroid alternatives. These alternatives promise to provide the same weight loss and muscle retention Winstrol is known for. Supplements Rock has a good legal winstrol review that talks more in-depth about the alternatives available. These alternatives are both safe and legal which are two big benefits.  The video below is great for talking about how Winstrol is used during a cutting cycle. For many, Winstrol is awesome for helping to speed up fat loss.

It’s easy to see why so many have tried Winstrol. The faster muscle gains and shorter recovery time are nice perks but this steroid is not without its side effects. One major side effect of Winstrol is having frequent headaches. As someone who already has headaches, I couldn’t imagine how rough that would be. Another side effect is acne which is common with many steroids. I have never used steroids and never will because of the potential for acne, no thanks! WebMD has information concerning Winstrol in addition to a few user reviews of those who have used it.

Winstrol entered into the world as a way to help people regain muscle tissue. In addition, this steroid was used to help people retain muscle who had degenerative muscle conditions. Over time, people began to see how well Winstrol could help speed up weightlifting progress. Bodybuilders began to use Winstrol to help them cut a lot of fat before a show. As you know, a bodybuilder wants to appear free from any water and salt that can cause retention. On a bodybuilding stage, retention makes you look fatter than you really are. Many unprepared bodybuilders have lost a show simply because they were too hydrated, as odd as that sounds.

Does winstrol work well for muscle gains? That’s what I’ve heard. However, I don’t plan on ever trying winstrol for myself. As you know, you do not want try and find winstrol because you can’t have it in the United States for the purpose of muscle gaining. Winstrol is said to help people when they are trying to lose weight. In addition, this steroid has been known to help people gain muscle, albeit a slight amount. I will be sticking to my supplement regimen of protein powders and pre-workouts.

Is it Better to Workout without Eating Before?

You’ve likely heard countless information about how bad it is to do anything on an empty stomach. However, new results are showing that not eating before you go lifting might be a good thing. I remember hearing about how I had to have some soft of snack before working out. Oftentimes, I would draw strange looks from my workout friends because I was the only one not eating before we lifted. I have always had issues with eating before taking on an activity. I’ve always avoided eating breakfast which I know I shouldn’t do. What is being found about not eating before working out is shocking but makes sense. Researchers have found that not eating before exercising actually helps the amount of fat that you lose.

When you are exercising, your body needs continuous fuel to keep going. I suppose that it makes sense that if your body has no fuel, it would start attacking fat cells. This study found that your metabolism gets a boost from not eating before you workout. I know that this new information sounds weird and will definitely take some time to get used to hearing. The results of this study were found by analyzing what happened to adipose tissue after exercise. The results clearly showed that more adipose tissue was burned off when participants did not have a pre-workout meal.

What the findings mainly were set out to find is if, after eating, the adipose tissue works on breaking down food instead of being beneficial to your exercises. Next, the participants were made to walk around for about an hour after consuming a breakfast high in calories. Blood was taken from the participants during this study in addition to fat samples. The results of this study are going to have a huge impact on the world of nutrition. Of course, you will want to consume something once you are done exercising. Many studies recommend chocolate milk as a great post workout drink. I suppose that I will still continue to not eat before a workout. However, if anyone out there is looking to exclusively gain muscle, they may still want to eat before working out.

It should be said that these results are great for those looking to lose a little extra weight. I don’t know about you but working out on a full stomach just feels weird to me. I am someone with somewhat of a sensitive stomach. When I am feeling nervous or excited, as I often do before entering the gym, eating is the last thing I want to do. I can’t believe it is true but, if this new study is anything to go off of, you do not want to eat before exercising. There are certain conditions where you will have to eat before working out. One comforting thing that this study shows is that fat is attacked more than muscle when exercising without food in your stomach. I was always worried hearing those horror stories from my friends about how not eating robs you of your muscle. I guess if you never ate of course you wouldn’t have muscle. I’m talking more about missing a lunch and fearing you were going to lose all of your muscle, how weird I used to be! I will be ready for my next workout without any food in my hand, thanks to the results of this study.

Two Great and Easy Cheat Meals to Bulk

If there is one season I love it is bulking season. In this post, you will finally have bulking made easy. I don’t have to be as cautious about what I eat. If I eat fast food, I don’t feel the need to guilt trip myself about it. The weather starts to cool down and more layers are being worn, it is time to bulk up. However, many of the bulking recipes I see are low calorie options for clean bulking. What I will be talking all about is getting calories in any way possible. The next time you are at the grocery store, stock up on these easy and cheap ways to bulk up.

Meal 1: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Milk
Who knew that what you probably enjoyed in a paper lunch could be part of a bulking routine? You can pair these two wonderful items together. Best of all, you will be getting protein from both the peanut butter and milk. The jelly is there to help out the taste and consistency, as it is basically sugar and grapes. Add two slices of bread for carbohydrates and this meal is a winner for bulking. In addition, you will get about 700 calories with this meal.

Meal 2: Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches
For this meal, all you need are a few items. Go to the grocery store and grab eggs, cheese, English muffins, butter, and Canadian bacon. You can prepare your sandwich like you normally would. However, you are going to let the eggs cook in the oven. What I really love about this dish is that you can freeze the sandwiches for later. You’ll only need to spend about thirty minutes getting these sandwiches ready and they will last you for a week or two, depending on how many you make.

Quick note: If you are looking more for supplements than food, I’d recommend watching the video above this text!

Honorable Mention: Mixed Nuts
This food should be a key on anyone’s staple of bulking items. I love having a tin of peanuts to carry around with me. These foods are easy to take with you, high in protein, and won’t leave your hands or fingers sticky. If there is one thing I hate about eating on the go, it is having to wash my hands after eating.

Can Stacks Be Used Before You Workout?

One of the aspects of supplements that I get asked most about would be stacking. Stacking supplements is simply a term used that means to use more than one supplement at once. Yes, there are plenty of supplements that are perfectly fine to stack together before you workout. One way that you can ensure your making safe choices would be to use stacks that one company makes.

preworkout stack 22222While weightlifting, you always want to try and rely on a professional opinion. Sticking with stacks that are made by a company ensures you have products that you know are meant to be taken together. The best preworkout stacks are ones that work together to help you build more muscle. Ingredients that are great for muscle building include but are not limited to creatine, protein, fat, caffeine, and other ingredients. If you can find a stack that has proven ingredients shown to help with attaining better muscle building results, get this stack.

If you are looking to gain muscle, it is vital that you stick to this plan. The biggest enemy of getting real gains is what you tell yourself. Believe that you can be a massive house of muscle and you will get there. Another key factor that I look for when picking out a stack is if I am going to save more money this way. I do have to admit that I can tend to be a cheap person but I am OK with that. Sometimes, you can find that a stack will actually allow you to save a bit of money. I think the reason behind this is because you are buying more supplements in a stack than by purchasing them separately. However, I am not a super smart person enough to know how companies come up with the pricing structures that they do.

One thing that I do know is that a stack is a great way to boost the rate at which you pack on weight. If you are a skinny person that can’t stand ill-fitting clothes, try out a stack that next time you are at the supplement store. Yes, you might find that you pay a little more but you’ll usually get more, when comparing costs of buying each product separately.


Feeling Reckless Thanks to MHP!

Caffeine is a tricky ingredient to enjoy as much as I do. On one hand, me without caffeine is a scary sight to see. I’ve been known to be quite a jerk to be honest without my morning caffeine. I believe that I inherited this need for energy from my mother, who is rarely seen without a cup of coffee in her hands. It is amazing that my mother can become so caffeinated yet I’ve never seen her hands shake. When you are looking around at different preworkouts, caffeine is a big factor in how well these supplements sell. However, there are companies that are quick to put out a product that is nothing but caffeine. The supplement company known as MHP has created a preworkout that offers more than just caffeine.  There are quite a few ingredients in this supplement but it’s not a bad thing here. The first component of this supplement is the energy, focus, and concentration section. In this section, we have yerba mate, caffeine, and Theacrine.

mhp reckless supplement

There is 150mg of caffeine per serving in Reckless. If you have caffeine sensitivities, I would recommend that you only use a half scoop in the beginning. What some don’t understand is that with a pre workout product, you’ve got to pace yourself. The recommended dosage is usually meant for those who regularly lift weights. If you are still in the beginning stages of weightlifting, it’s wiser to dial it back a bit. I’m about to go a bit off track here but this reminded me of a recent story. My dad has been trying to get back into his athletics older days. One fine day, he had grown quite thirsty and needed something out of the fridge. What would happen would be one of the most unbelievable things that I have ever seen in my life.

He must have mistaken one of my RTD preworkouts for a Gatorade, which he drank. Within about thirty minutes, I saw one of the weirdest things that left me confused as to rather I should laugh or call an ambulance. All of the sudden, my dads eyebrows couldn’t stop shaking! The shaky eyebrows went on for an hour, I couldn’t tell if it was the caffeine or the beta alanine but it made for a wild day. I have to clarify that the supplement that this story revolved around was NOT Reckless, just wanted to point that out! Reckless certainly gave me no issues while I was using it. After incident with my dad drinking the wrong drink there was no way I would let him try this one.  Getting back to the review, let’s now look at what MHP offers for strength because it isn’t always just about energy!

There are actually three types of creatine in this supplement, an outstanding series of additions. Overall, there is over 1,000mg of creatine per serving in Reckless. Trust me, creatine is one of the truly great ingredients out there that isn’t always under attack. I loved using Reckless and felt that the balance between energy and strength was just about perfect. You can find this supplement fairly easily online with the prices averaging out to about $30 per container. It’s important to note that you will get 30 full-sized servings per container. I hate it when I think I’m getting a deal, only to find out that serving sizes are two or three scoops per serving. Overall, Reckless is an awesome preworkout that I really enjoyed using.

Can You Walk Yourself to Becoming in Better Shape?

A large majority find ourselves walking throughout a typical day. Whether you are walking around the office or cleaning up at home, walking has become second nature to most of us. However, there are a select few of us who like to take a good walk after the workday is over. I live in the suburbs and I see people walking all of the time. Morning, afternoon, or night, my neighborhood is almost guaranteed to have someone walking around in it. Today, I wanted to talk about some positive benefits associated with an activity we all take for granted which is walking.

  • Reduces Risk for Many Diseases – A great thing about walking is how many dangerous diseases it can help to fight off. People think that you have to go and perform some crazy long exercise sessions to stay healthy which isn’t true. Walking for only 30 minutes a day can drastically reduce your risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and a wide array of other potentially deadly conditions.
  • Great for Managing Weight – As we age, we sometimes find that our metabolism isn’t what it used to be. I remember, in my younger days, I could eat for hours and never gain a pound. However, now it feels like whenever I eat an extra dessert it is like I can feel myself getting fatter! If you are having trouble keeping your weight down, walking can be a great way to manage those pounds. You might even find that, if you enjoy walking enough, you can drop even more weight than you normally would.
  • Tones Muscles – We all have layers of muscle underneath our skin. For some of us, we just need a little more work for those muscles to show. Perhaps, you have been working on strengthening your muscles but they just won’t fully show. The fat reduction that comes with regular walking can help to make your muscles show, as well.
  • Stress Relief – Have you ever heard someone mention that they had to go outside and walk to clear their head? As it turns out, walking can actually help improve stress levels. I always thought that people used the walking excuse just to get out of the house for a few minutes!

Making the decision to lose weight can results in you becoming a little stressed out. Missing out on your old favorite foods could have you becoming on edge too. Walking is a great way to get some much needed stress relief at the end of your day. However, it is also common for people wanting to start their day off with a nice walk. In addition to keeping your weight where it needs to be, a morning walk is a great way to start the day.

Overall, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are reducing the extent at which some of the most harmful diseases affect you feels great. Also, the feelings of peacefulness that come with a walk can help to make some of those bad days we all suffer a little bit better. Choosing to start the process of habitual walking only needs to take about five minutes. Remember, it is important that you start out with a low amount of time for the first walk. You will have much time to increase the amount of time that you walk, don’t rush things!

Is Only Exercising During the Weekend Helpful?

We’ve all been there, it’s quitting time and we want nothing more than to just go home. Whether it be the stress of a bad day or just the prospect of looking ahead at the upcoming week, life gets tiring. Some who still want to exercise, only do this on the weekends, avoiding all exercise during a work week. Is there any benefit to saving all of your exercise for Saturday and Sunday? One report is showing that, while not optimal, you are taking steps in the right direction by exercising on only the weekends. It seems that the exercise rules that we have had set in stone are being rewritten by new science findings. If you are someone who only exercises during the weekends and are getting jeered for it, you’re still greatly reducing your chance of many diseases. Don’t let someone critique your workout routine, what is crucial is that you are exercising at all, the days you do it don’t matter that much. If it is possible, you should try and workout regularly, through the week as well.

I find that only exercising during the weekend is perfect for those who are just beginning to workout. I would totally understand needing a full work week to let your muscles heal themselves. However, as you find yourself becoming more comfortable with spending in the gym, it shouldn’t be as tough to will yourself to a Monday night gym trip. If you can get yourself to add one or two more workout sessions into your week, you will even further reduce the chance of diseases affecting you. One way to increase the likelihood that you will start to workout during the week is if you bring a work buddy along with you. You would be surprised at how often asking someone to the gym with me has created lifelong relationships with co-workers.


While at the workplace, you know that you to act differently, always being afraid to let your hair down. At the gym, you and your co-worker have more freedom to get to know each other and that is when friendships are formed, not at the water cooler. Listen around the next time you are at lunch, chances are someone is wanting a gym buddy, just like you are. All it takes is asking someone if they want to go with you after work to go and work out. You have no idea how strong a bond that is formed through getting fit together can be with someone. Don’t by shy, the worse you will ever get told is a no to your question, no big deal! If you don’t know anyone who needs to go the gym, try and spot the co-workers that you can tell exercise. If they deny going to a gym, at the very least, you have still paid them a nice compliment. One aspect of getting all of your exercise during the weekend that I don’t like, I wanted to talk more about. The first reason why only exercising on Saturday and Sunday isn’t the best is because you stand a high risk of overexertion. Exerting yourself too much can lead to exhaustion and dehydration, two of the most common ailments from over training. If you absolutely must exercise on only the weekends, pace yourself and don’t work one area of your body for a prolonged amount of time.

Apply the Recent Super Bowl Win to Life

I’m about to say something that no one would ever thought I would say: I’m glad that Patriots won the Super Bowl. If you know me, even the tiniest bit well, you’ll know how hard it was for me to type that last sentence. I’ll get one thing out of the way, I don’t like the New England Patriots and I am certainly not alone. Seeing the same team go to the big game, nearly every year, made it less fun to watch football. Before any fans of the Patriots start blowing up the contact section with all kinds of terrible words for me, let me explain. Be warned, if you are one of the twenty people that haven’t seen the Super Bowl yet, I’m about to spoil it for you, read cautiously!

When I had heard that the Super Bowl was going to be all about the Falcons vs the Patriots, I immediately was rooting for Atlanta. After the 1st quarter, my eyes met with delight at the score of 21-3, with the Falcons firmly in the lead. Well into the 3rd quarter, there wasn’t much else to report. To put things simply, the Falcons were destroying the Patriots in a game where everyone was quite sure of the outcome. The score of the Super Bowl, most of the time, had the Patriots way behind, so much so that I actually started to feel bad for Patriot fans, for the first time ever. My hope for a new team claiming the throne of Super Bowl champions started to switch over to nerves as the Patriots put a touchdown on the scoreboard. I told myself that, although the score was closer, there was no way that the Patriots could create a comeback, not this late in the game. As I watched Tom Brady and his team march down the field, determined to make another touchdown, it would happen. What became a one-sided game was now nearly tied and I couldn’t believe it. Thinking about the once in a lifetime comeback that I was watching, I had to celebrate the Patriots pushing the game into overtime, unbelievable! It would take a monster of a man to not root for the Patriots to win in overtime, in regards to how hard they worked to get ahead.

The Patriots would go on to win the Super Bowl this year, in what many are saying is the greatest football comeback of all time, a bold statement that I fully agree with. Even if you hate the Patriots, go back and watch that game when life gets you down. The millions watching the Super Bowl on Sunday weren’t just witnesses to a great game of football, they were watching a man fight for his life, against every odd imaginable. Too often, we see the underdog coming up against unbeatable odds and losing, it was nice to have the movie ending version of real life, something I hardly see anymore. We’ve all felt like Tom Brady in our own life situations, you have no time and the other team is miles ahead of you. When you feel that life is overwhelming, picture that legendary drive of Tom Brady. Sure, he could have accepted that his team is probably going to lose (it’s not like he hasn’t won before) but that wasn’t enough to stop him from winning. The limitations that we place in our life aren’t as real as you feel they are, anything can be won, look back to Super Bowl 51 if you think I am crazy.

When Surgery is Needed to Lose Pounds

Never something to be taken lightly, losing weight is a struggle that most will have to encounter in their lives. For there-has-to-besome, it becomes too much of a burden to start thinking about the work that has to be done, in order for people to look like they used to. In the past decade, surgeries were started to be done that could greatly change the lives of those suffering from obesity. At first, the gastric bypass was all the rage, I knew many people that had it done and it was rare that I saw someone that didn’t look and feel a million times better after the procedure was over. The most drastic case of weight loss surgery improving a life was one that I saw firsthand, as this was an old teacher of mine. I’m not going to disclose the name of the person but she was about 500lbs and looked to be in a state of constant pain.

To see her walk across the classroom was hard to watch and the students were seriously worried about her condition. The obesity of this teacher wasn’t a new phase, she had been overweight for many years, long before I was ever in her class. As graduation came and went, I rarely thought back on my days in that classroom, only being hopeful that this teacher could find her way back to a healthier condition. Flashing forward about two years later and I am back in my hometown, slugging through a crowd of shoppers filling their grocery baskets. After I had spent all of the time in the store that I could, I made a beeline for the checkout lanes, eager to get everything bagged so that I could get home. All of the sudden, I heard someone say my name (the worst thing to happen to me in public), I whipped around and wasn’t immediately sure who I was looking at.

As it turns out, the same teacher was now much skinnier and had greeted me, only to see a stunned reaction that I tried my best to hide. Feeling embarrassed that it took so long to recognize who I was speaking to, I started to feel my face getting red. What I was now seeing was the same overweight teacher, who had now dropped what had to be about 250 lbs, she looked so much happier. That got me thinking, the weight loss surgery did work, but how would it take off in the future, as this was about ten years ago. You don’t need to look around much to know that weight loss surgeries have now bloomed, as people were able to see how relatively safe they were. Any procedure like the ones that I am talking about can carry their own risks, so be sure that you know everything you can before actually having one of these procedures done. The most popular would have to be the gastric bypass surgery, the one where your stomach size is reduced greatly, therefore enabling you to become full much quicker. I’ve heard tales of people not being prepared for how much smaller their stomach got, only to have to pull over and vomit because they had overstuffed themselves, due to relying on their old eating habits. With countless new and increasingly innovative surgical procedures to lose weight, for those who simply can’t do it the old-fashioned way, we strive closer to the perfect weight loss method every week.